"The Treatment,"  (2015—2017) in situ for Toyin Ojih Odutola's solo exhibition, "Of Context and Without," at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, on view from December 11, 2015 until January 30, 2016. 

The Treatment

The Treatment (20152017) is a series of small pencil and ink drawings initially conceived for the group exhibition at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South AfricaYoung, Gifted and Black. Using the exhibition title as a guide, The Treatment breaks down each segment directly: Youngeach portrait contains a male figure in his youth, irregardless of how old he might be at present; Giftedeach subject is of some prominenceculturally, historically, politically, and so forth; and Blackeach figure's skin is rendered in black, ballpoint ink, while his other markerssuch as clothing and accessoriesremain in pencil sketch, to decontextualize the former attributes (that of being "young" and “gifted") as well as render such attributes precarious. What remains of these figures, or more pointedly, their image, is how they are "treated" through the artist. There is no supportive text or enhancing narrative to add. What they are as a group and singularly is irrelevant to what or who these subjects might actually be. Thusly, the read is ambiguous and restricted to the mercy of shifting perceptions, which is the point of the exercise. From there the series has expanded and morphed into various iterations to be included in both solo and group exhibition efforts, each time investigating privileges inherent in an image while questioning how an individual can claim one's multifaceted identity when rendered in the sameness of a group.

The Treatment series' first iteration was installed in the group exhibition, Young, Gifted and Black, which opened September 26th, 2015 and closed on November 11th. The second iteration of the The Treatment was installed for Toyin Ojih Odutola's solo exhibition Of Context and Without at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, on view from December 11th, 2015 until January 30th, 2016. The third iteration was in the group exhibition, Material Issue, at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, from July 1st, 2016 until September 25th.