Untold Stories

Untold Stories (2014) is a series of mixed-media drawings showcasing the absurd, the folkloric, the banal and the taboo. Each piece is meant to be read as a contained, stand-alone narrative, which in situ is in conversation with another narrative. Some works included in the series are presented as diptychs and triptychs, combining image with text. The inclusion of text is not supplementary to the image, but instead serves as a tentative juxtaposition, illustrating how text can be as evasive as an image when the panels are two sides of the same story or theme. In sum, Untold Stories presents a variety of narratives that are simultaneously truthful and tangible as they are suspect and elusive in content and context. 

The series exhibition for Untold Stories opened at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis on the 16th of January 2015 on view until the 28th of February. 

  Evidence , 2014

Evidence, 2014

  The Uncertainty Principle , 2014

The Uncertainty Principle, 2014

  The Last One , 2014

The Last One, 2014

  He Just Was , 2014 Diptych

He Just Was, 2014

  Old Myth, New Residence , 2014  (Not included in the exhibition)

Old Myth, New Residence, 2014
(Not included in the exhibition)

  What You Think You See , 2014

What You Think You See, 2014

  She Wasn't Warned , 2014

She Wasn't Warned, 2014

  What's in a mistake? , 2014

What's in a mistake?, 2014

  Footsteps (Study) , 2014  (Not included in exhibition)

Footsteps (Study), 2014
(Not included in exhibition)

  And Nothing Happened , 2014 Triptych

And Nothing Happened, 2014

  An Island of Selfdom , 2014

An Island of Selfdom, 2014

  What She Saw , 2014

What She Saw, 2014

  If Only , 2014

If Only, 2014

  A Devastating Kindness , 2014

A Devastating Kindness, 2014

  Poison , 2014 Diptych

Poison, 2014